Belarusian State Museum of the Great Patriotic War History

The museum was founded on 30 September 1943 by the resolution of the Bureau of Belarus Communist Party Central Committee. It was opened for visitors on 22 October 1944 in the liberated city of Minsk in the left intact building of the Trade Union House on Liberty Square. By the order of the Ministry of Culture of the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic on 15 December 1966, the museum was dislocated to Lenin Av. 25a (now Nezalezhnast Av.). It was the first museum in the world of this theme. Nowadays, the museum is the most important institution of national memory about the great deed of Belarusian people and the people of the Soviet Union in the struggle against Nazism. The museum became one of the research centers about the Great Patriotic War.
There are 24 exhibition halls. The main sections of the exposition are: “The Battles in the Westerly Direction. 1941-1942” “German-Nazi Occupation in Belarus. 1941-1944.”, “Minsk Anti-Nazi Underground Movement”, “Partisan Movement in Belarus. 1941-1944.”, “From Home to the Front”, “The Turning Point in the Great Patriotic War. 1943.”, “Bagration Operation”, “War Actions of the Red Army. 1944-1945”.
The funds of the museum by 01.01.2012 had numbered 142,676 items. In the fund collections of the museum, there is weapon of soldiers and partisans, partisan hand-written journals, army editions and leaflets, government awards and personal belongings of the war participants, documents and photos, banners, etc. The personnel of the museum carry out panoramic and thematic excursions, guest lectures, and take part in different activities, dedicated to anniversary dates and to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War. On the basis of the museum, they organize international conferences and congresses. The museum collaborates with the museums of Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Germany, etc. The museum has a branch: the Memorial “Republican Monument to the Internationalist Soldiers”, in the city of Minsk.
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